Freight Procurement

Thanks to years of experience in the management of logistic services with international providers, Fourstem is able to obtain savings improving quality, with the following process:

  • Acquiring shipment orders through an IT tool.
  • Creation of operational procedures between supply chain actors (SOP/SLA).
  • Costing.
  • E-tendering process through software.
  • Detailed evaluation of results (KPIs).
  • Scenario simulation and analysis.
  • Negotiation with logistic service suppliers.
  • Operational implementation of new logistic service suppliers.

Fourstem is also partner in outsourcing invoice auditing activities of logistic services, providing differentiated services depending on clients’ needs:

  • Punctual and detailed analysis of single costs.
  • Creation of reports that analyze the aggregated logistic costs.
  • Complete outsourcing process.