Our history

Fourstem was founded in Milan in 2002 as a pure 4PL provider ensuring neutrality in the process of acquiring logistics services for international clients.

Today we are a supply chain consultancy company with more than 50 employees spread in our offices in Milan, Prato and Shanghai.


The Name

Four: 4PL (Fourth Party Logistic Service Provider)
Fourstem acts as a general contractor, defining strategies and solutions for the client.

S: Supply chain
Fourstem has an integrated approach, focused on the sourcing process, the production and delivery of products and services to clients.

T: Timely
Fourstem coordinates all clients’ activities, based on requests of Project managers, and will select subcontractors and providers, making them meet the planned time and guaranteeing the integration with the internal processes.

E: Expertise
Fourstem provides expertise when creating optimization strategies for supply chains.

M: Management
Fourstem manages and coordinates the supply chain processes thanks to our dedicated team